9 March 2019

Jorginho: I'm Not Sarri's Golden Boy  (Sky Sports)

JorginhoJorginho insists he receives no favouritism from Chelsea head coach Maurizio Sarri.

The Brazil-born Italy midfielder has been identified as the man key to putting the coach's 'Sarriball' possession-based game into practice on the pitch.

Jorginho, who like Sarri joined Chelsea from Napoli in the summer, has been described as untouchable in the Italian's line-up, but he denies that is the case.

"I'm not special. I have a completely normal relationship with Sarri," he told The Guardian.

"I don't go out for dinner with him. I don't go round to his house. I am just a player who can help him do the things he wants his team to do.

"He's shouted at me when I've got things wrong, just as he has everyone else. I certainly don't consider myself to be his golden boy."

Jorginho was on target in the west London derby victory over Fulham last weekend but he has been subjected to booing from the Stamford Bridge crowd, and missed a penalty in the shoot-out defeat to Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final last month.

The 27-year-old respects the opinions of Chelsea supporters and has vowed to learn from his mistakes and change their views.

"The fans are entitled to have their opinion, to be supporters and think whatever they like," he said.

"It also gives me strength to work more to change their views on me. Even if they think I am Sarri's man, I want to show them why Sarri likes me, that I am a good player and they are wrong to have that attitude towards me.

"But I have never had any doubts. I believe in myself. I know how hard I am working and how much effort I am putting in.

"So, while I accept [the critics'] views, I don't share them. I respect their opinion, I listen, I stay calm and work hard, trying to do better. I knew it was going to be a hard challenge over here.

"I knew it was going to be very tough, so I am comfortable with that and I am learning from my mistakes."

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