December 2, 2017

Pedro: Chelsea Team-Mates 2.0  (Sky Sports)

PedroChelsea's Pedro met up with Soccer AM's Tubes to lift the lid on some of this team-mates.

We caught up with the Spain forward to find out which players at Stamford Bridge are the brightest, the hardest and the best on the dancefloor.

Plus find out who has the best skills, who can never stop taking selfies and who has the worst wardrobe of the current Chelsea squad.


He's a star. He's the best player in this team. He's very good at dribbling, scoring goals, assists and passes… he is a very good player.

HOT STEPPER - Antonio Rudiger

He dances very well. David Luiz is also good, but Rudiger for me is the best. He has good movement with the music. He moves very well. He is the man.


Willian is very good. He's very good at dribbling.

BOOK WORM - Gary Cahill

The cleverest? I don't know… I've never seen anyone [reading books]. Probably Gary Cahill, I don't know…

HARD AS NAILS - Gary Cahill

Probably Gary Cahill or Cesar Azpilicueta. They are the two strong guys in the defence. Gary is a very strong guy and has very good arms! He is good to have defending for us.

SPEED DEMON - Davide Zappacosta

It's difficult because there are many fast players. Charly Musonda, Willian, Davide Zappacosta… I don't know. N'Golo Kante does running a lot and doesn't stop running. Those four guys are probably the fastest. Who would win a 100m race? Probably Zappacosta.

SELFIE OBSESSED - Michy Batshuayi

'Batman' probably… sometimes he is in the dressing room. Michy probably takes the most selfies.

FASHION FAIL - Cesc Fabregas

I don't know… probably Cesc. Here at the training ground they all wear sportswear, so I don't know but it's probably Cesc!

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