Chelsea FC Database 1905-2017

I first purchased a copy of the Chelsea FC Database 1905-2000 CD from EMA Technology Ltd.  I have been so impressed that I have obtained copies of all of their updates!  This CD is a must buy for any serious Chelsea supporter who has an inclination to know the history of the Blues.  For me, it was like a long, enjoyable trip down memory lane!  So easy to load and use!  You don't need any special computer skills or database program to run the CD.  I was up and running in a matter of minutes.  The bottom line - I would recommend the Chelsea FC Database 1905-2017 to any football fan. It is worth every penny!  Now available is the updated version that also includes all of the statistics for the 2016-2017 season. You can look for anything (Ken Bates?) and it will give you all of the significant events relating to him!  Glyn Williams. 

Visit the EMA Technology website at


Runs on Windows version.

A complete record of every competitive Chelsea game from 1905 to 2017 (over 5000 games!).

Full details of every match up to and including season 2016-2017.

Plus Updates available at the end of this, and subsequent seasons.


Menus to search by Player, Season, Manager, Opposition, Date, Scorers, Goalkeepers, Appearances, and Attendance Records.

Full records of every player who ever played for, and every manager who ever managed Chelsea since 1905.


The Chelsea FC Database is only £7.99 (Incl Postage).

Online payment by credit card accepted in US Dollars, Euros and Sterling.

Delivered on CD - No computer knowledge is needed and no database software is required.

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EMA Technology Ltd  - 15 Stevens Lane, Breaston, Derby DE72 3BU, England

Tel: 01332 875657



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